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i love reading letters
tracing the curves of calligraphy
rose gold wax seals on envelopes
the shadows of ink
the scent of old paper
its texture, the fading print
its memories that once beheld the reader
what is left of their past
i love taking in...

Article: It's Time to End Period Poverty

Starting the New Year with the byline of my first published article! ? “It’s Time to End Period Poverty”✍?✊?
Proud to partner with @MediaplanetUSA on its recently published Sexual Wellness campaign. This campaign highlights the stigma still surrounding menstruation and period poverty and calls for social change to bring all menstruators the resources and dignity they deserve. I discuss the...


that rich mohiniyattam glow ✨മോഹിനിയാട്ടം (Mohiniyattam) is not as popular as other Classical Indian dance forms but it’s a true treasure. Like other art forms, Mohiniyattam requires a great deal of patience and discipline in order to train your body to move in ways it’s not used to. As Bharatanatyam dancers, we carry our bodies through scintillating footwork...

Vulnerability in Art

there are some pieces that hit you right in the heart and get you workin your tear glands :’). there isn’t a single part of the body or mind that dance doesn’t use. your emotions are also in motion. this art form even gives us the privilege of discovering emotions we’ve never felt before, especially when we become the characters we portray. I’ve always found those experiences of exploring vulnerability...

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