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Athira performs on local, national, and international platforms in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and Contemporary art forms. To invite Athira to perform, conduct workshops, or collaborate with her on interdisciplinary work or commissioned projects, click on the contact form button below.



Athira's work focuses on health and social justice advocacy through campaigns or active policy work. Athira invites and encourages ideas for collaborations. For inquiries, please fill out the contact form with a project brief.



Athira has spoken at a series of fundraiser events and workshops on topics of dance, student lifestyle, pre-med life, empowerment, motivation, social justice, equal rights, human rights, and health (period poverty, reproductive rights, women's health, etc.) through an intersectional lens.



Athira finds writing an empowering tool for social change and is currently working on developing her voice through a series of pieces. Athira is available for projects or any partnerships. 



HEALTH: Athira is open to working on collaborative efforts, campaigns, or studies targeting health issues. Athira has worked in the BROAD CIRM CENTER for Regenerative Medicine and the Stanford Canary Center for Cancer Research. 

STORIES: With an eye for social impact, Athira is always looking for those who could help her expose unknown narratives and poignant truths. If you have a story or would like to work with Athira on a research project, click on the button below.


Any other collaboration ideas/questions? Reach Athira here using the contact form:



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