Sri Madurai R. Muralidaran

World-renowned Maestro. Internationally-acclaimed composer, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, playwright and director best known for his large body of modern compositions for Bharatanatyam dancers and his many elaborate dance musical productions.

2014: "I've composed almost 800 to 900 compositions in my credit. But, I have composed 2 varnams exclusively for 2 persons. The first one was composed for my daughter and the second one exclusively for Athira...I could say she is a child prodigy.."

India West

Headlines: "10-year-old Bharatnatyam Star Wows at SF Dance Fest"

"Athira Pratap is just 10, but this pintsized dancer already has star quality in abundance. Pratap dazzled in a solo performance of “Ohm Kaara” June 7 on the opening weekend of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, becoming the youngest dancer ever to star in a solo piece in the festival’s 31- year history."


"Her arms made bold, widesweeping movements, her hands fluttering like little birds, as her cherubic face and bright eyes expressed a wide range of emotions in her depiction of Saraswati Devi, the goddess of knowledge, and Mahishasura Mardhini, Shakti, the goddess of power."

Dance View Times

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival “Return of the Sun”

"She impressed because of her solidly focused training and the clarity of the goal towards which she was striving. This was a young dancer worth watching..."

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