Athira Pratap is an Indian-American artist, storyteller, speaker, and health advocate.


As a firm believer in the art's ability to heal, Athira uses multiple mediums for storytelling. With an eye for social impact, Athira does so through ancient Indian art forms, campaigns through digital platforms, writing, and her voice. Athira's work is driven by unknown narratives and poignant truths as she persists in creating spotlights on social injustice and elevating topics in health ranging from period poverty and equality to reproductive and human rights through an intersectional lens. Her work has taken her across the globe where she was fortunate to collaborate in interdisciplinary work with internationally-acclaimed artists.


As a Dean's Scholarship undergraduate student, Athira is currently pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and Health Care Studies with an emphasis in pre-medicine at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. This platform houses the different dimensions of her work and evolving identities. Welcome and feel free to explore!  

Bay Area • Los Angeles

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